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Thread: Vinny to Dallas

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    :ph34r: won't happen and for the anti bradway peeps....bradway is actually doing a pretty decent off season job thus far.......every other post seem to have some crack towards the GM.....we all know this is a make or break year and his job depends on far the man is making the right moves.

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    At best, he goes there after June 1 - as we waive him, would come down to who gets to claim him. Team with worst record would have first shot. Don't think there would be many takers, but you never know.

    Vinnie would probably have to take a contract at the Vet min - don't have an idea what it would be for a player of his tenure, but they would be able to show against cap for less as there is some type of exclusion for vets.

    Don't think it will happen though.


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