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Thread: 2 Safeties visit with Bradway

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    Was cruising Yahoo and came across this article on Justin McCarins and the Jets. The real interesting part to me was the last paragraph about the safeties. Knight may be a gem that just needs a bit more time plus we probally get him cheap.


    [b]Jets' new starting receiver ready to get going
    March 8, 2004
    HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. (AP) -- The New York Jets claim they targeted Tennessee wide receiver Justin McCareins as their top offseason priority all along.

    McCareins, acquired in a trade with the Titans last week for a second-round draft pick, sounds ecstatic about the Jets' interest. He became a rich man Monday, signing a seven-year contract worth about $31 million, with a $7 million signing bonus.

    ``I just want to say I'm really excited,'' McCareins said. ``I mean, it's great to have a team be that interested in you. This is a young team on its way up. I'm real excited to join, get a chance to contribute. And I'm ready to work.''

    The 25-year-old McCareins caught 47 passes for the Titans last season and scored seven touchdowns, one of them against the Jets in their Monday night upset victory over Tennessee.

    ``He's played in big games and obviously made a lot of big plays for the Titans,'' Jets coach Herman Edwards said. ``He made a big play against us on Monday night, right away. I can still see him running by me -- my hair kind of flying -- there he goes.

    ``He's a guy that can make big plays for us. He's physical, not afraid to go down there and block. He's played on special teams.''

    Edwards added that special teams coach Mike Westhoff plans to use both McCareins and Santana Moss as punt returners ``in a dual situation.''

    McCareins, who showed an ability to get deep for the Titans, believes he's a good fit for the Jets' West Coast offense, which calls for many quick slant patterns.

    ``I think I'm that type of player that fits well in (the West Coast offense),'' McCareins said. ``I'm real excited to be a part of it. I like being able to get the ball in my hands really quickly and getting a chance to run with it.

    ``Also, they're looking for guys who want to block and want to get into the safeties, dig it out there and help Curtis Martin run the ball. Those are the type of things I want to do.''

    Earlier Monday, the Jets release Curtis Conway, and McCareins is expected to take his starting spot. Conway signed with the Jets as a free agent last season and started 15 games. He had 46 catches for 640 yards and two touchdowns.

    General manager Terry Bradway emphasized the Jets' ``urgency'' to improve on their poor 2003 season.

    ``When you go 6-10, it's a very, very loud wakeup call,'' Bradway said. ``There's been a definite sense of urgency to get this thing back on track.

    ``Our whole approach this offseason was to get younger and faster, especially on defense. Justin was our No. 1 consideration from the start and we addressed our linebacker and corner situations.''

    The Jets signed linebacker Eric Barton and cornerback David Barrett as free agents. The next task in free agency is finding a strong safety. Cincinnati's Rogers Beckett and Baltimore's Tom Knight, a former No. 1 draft pick who started only one game last season and didn't play in 2002, have visited with Bradway.

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    Where's Victor Green's visit ???

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    [quote][b]Where's Victor Green's visit ??? [/b][/quote]

    Dont hold your breath.

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    Victor green is washed up,and should have nothing to do with our new style of defense

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    I like Victor but he couldnt start for us 3 years ago what makes you think he could now

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    Victor Green...yeah they brought him wash jocks after practices...the guy is washed up....

    Thanks for the memories Vic...


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    Tom Knight is a cornerback.

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    Don't even consider him! To me Green will always be considered a Patriot

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    Wow, I was kidding about the Victor Green thing. Next time I'll use the :lol: so you know for sure!

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    why aren't they going after deon grant, he's better than rogers beckett and younger

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    TOTALLY forgot about Deon!! Does he have any compensation? If not why is he not in Hempstead or not on a plane here!! He is a great player and totally fits our scheme.

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    :ph34r: Grant is not exactly a great player....playing in a defense with the Panthers d-line can help a db......Grant is not light years ahead of many corners......he is a solid DB....before 2003 how many people even knew who he was?


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