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Tom Knight does not have to be signed as a Starter

Take a look at the depth at S ... THERE IS NONE&#33;&#33;

The Jets will need to add a Starter AND a Quality Back-up .. Knight would be a nice pick-up for depth
making a corner a safety???....does that EVER work??

Sign him for depth/abrahams spot.

GreenJets...what&#39;s the possibility they take a corner in 1st round? [/b][/quote]
Shadetree, Knight played Safety for the Ravens

This is the perfect move for depth cause he&#39;s a veteran who can play Safety and CB in a pinch

1st Rd ... your guess is as good as mine :blink:

The options are endless

Could stay at 12 and draft the BAP {within reason} ... as in, obviously not a QB

Could stay at 12 and reach for a position of need ... CB?

Could trade up for Sean Taylor or Kellen Winslow ... or even Vince Wilfork

Could trade down and draft a CB

There are so many ways we can go, it would take all day to list them all