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Thread: how many points

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    now the comment to go get jake plummer to start for us makes sense...

    (well at least it makes sense as to why he said it).

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    Quote Originally Posted by BUD329 View Post
    This guy has 228 posts on JI and doesn't know how many points you get for a FG?

    Either this guy was joking or it reflects on the kind of people who post here.

    Maybe both?
    We have posters on this board who can't simply read what date this thread was started?

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    I'm even newer to this site, and I also have a few questions:

    1) What is football?
    2) How do you actually win?
    3) What do you get when you do win?
    4) If you rarely win, are you allowed to keep playing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike D View Post
    Why would you bump this?


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