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Thread: Rogers Beckett over Mike Logan

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    Whats Bradways Lovefest with Rogers Beckett ??Why not bring in Logan (the guy hits like a truck) Why cuz Beckett's size ?? I dont get it

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    S&T, if you listened to today's press conference I'm sure you heard a common theme ... YOUTH MOVEMENT

    I believe it is no accident the Jets targeted all players in their mid 20's this week ... sounds like this was done by design

    Notice we never made a serious run at Bobby Taylor or Troy Vincent when we lost Winfield ... we went right for Ahmed Plummer and them moved right to David Barrett

    There was a heavy emphasis on the age of the players they signed today ... at one point TB even mentioned the age of Terrell Owens {30} as a reason why he did not consider him a "GOOD FIT" ... said he preferred the younger McCareins {25}

    Anyway, this is why I believe TB has targeted Beckett ahead of Logan

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    PS. I think, and this is JMO, TB is holding out for Beckett or Grant ... Logan and Knight are probably his fallbacks

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    Are they bringing Deon Grant in?? I havent heard anything about that..All the mocks had Grant going too the jets back Ironic

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    IF the JETS signed Deon Grant, thats a huge plus.

    I don't think they will, maybe I don't know.

    This guy was always a huge playmaker with alot of talent, but was always undisciplined, and always made mistakes.

    Last season he changed that, and became a more mature player.

    Great in coverage, great vs. the run, and is intense. Sign em Bradway,

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    :ph34r: two words.....YOUTH MOVEMENT" I like the sound of that.....not just youth but players that can contribute. The three guys we brought in are not exactly projects.....they are legitimate NFL players.

    Bring in more of em Jetsies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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