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Thread: Shaq needs to be punched in the face!

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    Did anybody see him get tossed lastnight for the 2 elbows on kirilenko?

    They he ran off screaming like a litttle b**ch "what did i do!"

    I wish somebody would just grab that little punk by the throat box and choke the sh*t out of him.

    I would love to have court side setas vs the nets...i would sh*t on his fat ass all night.

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    I like how he gets away with whacking people over and over.

    When a ref finally steps up he gets pissed off, and so does Phil Jackson.

    Slapping some guy on the head on the way down? Yeah I havent seen that twenty times before this year. That deserves a T, and is INTENTIONAL.

    Shaq has this ego problem, and when they do make good calls on him he still gets upset. Pisses me off sometimes

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    Every time i see him do that merton hanks head nod i want to punch him in the throat.

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    How about when he kicks his legs up while hanging on the rim after a dunk? Now that's a punk move. He shouldn't whine to the refs when they look the other way from his back-ins. He travels AND fouls every time.


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