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Thread: Vin Baker's a Knick

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    they are reporting on that he'll be with the team for tonights game in Philly, and possibly play by the Milwaukee game this weekend.

    even if hes sober, Id hate to know he would be cutting into Sweetneys minutes. Sweetney is a beast right now!

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    Hopefully, this means that Kurt Thomas is going to be traded this offseason. Vin will (hopefull) back up both Nazr and Wallace next year.

    Not sure what he can contribute the rest of this year. He hasn't played in 2 months, and there are only 17 games or so to get it together. May be too late for now.

    I would hate to see Sweetney sit. He's our best at crashing the offensive boards.

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    Looks like Nazr will be the guy losing time, based on yesterdays game, and the early indications that Baker may start against the Wizards.


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