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    Anyone know any rookies that will have an impact this year in MLB? (Besides Matsui from the Mets) I am looking for a few hidden gems for my fantasy league and thought I would ask for some insight. Last year I picked up Blaylock early and he was a steal.

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    Joe Mauer should be huge for the Twins. He's replacing A.J. Pierzynski in Minnesota and is supposed to be the next "great" hitter in the MLB.

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    Kevin Brown of the Yankees.

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    I agree on Joe Mauer with the Twins. You might want to take a flyer on Brandon Claussen with teh Reds. He has the stuff, health is his only issue. The Reds can still hit in that bandbox they play in, especially if Junior stays healthy.

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    Speaking of the Twins, if you have room on your roster, and if he's still considered a rookie (I'm not sure of this), take a look

    at Matt LeCroy. He qualifies as a catcher and was knocking the cover off the ball in the second half last

    year. He was replacing Pierzynski in the second half last year. I found him to be a sleeper. The Twins page reports that, on

    the 16th, they signed some guy named Jake Mauer, INF, to their minor league squad. Don't know if it's a typo and they

    meant Joe Mauer.


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