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Thread: Kenny Lofton

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    Didn't take long for this chucklehead to show his true colors. After a career marked by failure due in some part to his own self-absorbed nonsense, he get the best chance ever to win it all. And he's got the balls to badmouth Joe Torre because he's batting ninth after an awful spring. Hey, Kenny-SHUT UP AND GET WITH THE PROGRAM. Ask Raul Mondesi how much fun it is to be in Pttsburgh. You could go back there someday soon and play for nothing. Ask the chastened Ruben Sierra where he'd rather be. Some guys will never get it-and Lofton is one.

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    I read he wasn't happy (obviously) but when did Lofton blast Torre?

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    Kenny lofton is under contract.

    If i was Georgie i make this Kenny sweep the dugout during the game,DURING THE GAME!!!

    Hey kenny be glad your not on the Expos......YET.

    Im not sleeping anymore max.


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