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    [quote][i]Originally posted by bitonti[/i]@Apr 3 2004, 09:58 PM
    [b] hey D-mastermind - Ray Lewis, Derrick Brooks, Zach Thomas, Dexter Coakley, Dat Ngyuen etc none of these guys ran as SLOW as Vilma did on his home track. Its one thing to say "hey a guy is small but he can run so we will take a chance *at the end of the first round mind you not at 12* - with Vilma you have a guy who is small who _CAN'T_ run... ya know who runs 4.6-4.7? James Darling and a million other ****bums not worth a damn that's who...

    by the way i agree with your assessment of Lehman especially in the hips, but the fact remains he's a FAR BETTER athlete than Vilma. Vilma will go higher in the draft but it won't be by much. Basically all Jon has to offer is intangibles at this point and while that's all well and good you don't take those guys at 12.

    RE: 3 WR its not just the PATS, BUCS its also the RAMS too - basically you have to go back to the Ravens sick Defense before you get to a run-first 2WR team that won the SB.

    basically the best player on the JETS is CHad and they need to give him more weapons - this JETS team is FAR more likely to win 31-28 then 13-7 its the way the franchise has ALWAYS been and it will take more than 1 draft to change that. I agree they need help on defense but the draft should be about value, not need. Taking Vilma at 12 would be about 10 spots too early - Hall would be a fantastic pick but he won't make it out of the top 10 at this point. Dunta at 12? [/b][/quote]
    Ray Lewis ran a 4.74 on a fast track I know that for a fact, Zack Thomas dropped to the 5th round in 96 because he couldn't break 4.8, Day Ngyuen had to gain wieght to make it and he ran a 4.7.

    Dexter Coakley and Derrick Brooks are the only ones who have actually ran a 4.6 and lower in that group.

    Lehman is not the athlete Vilma is, thats just ridiculous. Vilma is alot quicker in small space, he also has very good hands, he changes direction very quickly in coverage, and was alot better linebacker then Lehman.

    Lehman is good, but Lehman is very stiff and is not as smart or instinctful as Vilma.

    Sure they need to give Chad more weapons to catch the ball and make plays your right, but they can get those players in rounds 3-7.

    Dunta, Hall, D.J. Williams, Vilma or possibly even Dansby would the JETS the type of playmakers they need in that back seven on defense.

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    Bit, I want Vilma and that's that.....and I always get what I want....... :P

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    Vilma plays with a lot of heart and is tough guy who throws his body around like a missile and he is almost always around the ball. I am lucky to live in south Florida so I get to see a lot of Miami, Florida and Florida State.

    IMHO Vilma would be a great strong safety project at his natural weight of 210 or 215. However, he will not be a good pick in the first round to play linebacker because he has a problem standing up against physical running teams. For example, He got run over and destroyed the last two seasons against West Virginia. Hell Quincy Wilson looked like Earl Campbell running over Vilma all game long. The Virginia Tech game was another example of how a physical team can man handle Vilma. Vilma was around the ball and fighting despite getting run over in those games. you got to like the fact that he never gives up but he will get destroyed when NFL teams run at him.

    Vilma would be a great pick in the third round provided he loses the weight and can make the adjustment to strong safety. Vilma can run at his natural weight and would be in a lot more space to make plays because he was an excellent coverage linebacker in college.

    As far as DJ Williams goes, DJ was a running back/fullback up until a couple of years ago. He is just starting to figure out how to play linebacker. He is raw but with the right coaching he could be a fantastic player because he has ideal NFL linebacker size, plays with aggression and can run as fast as some wide recievers.

    I will give Bradway and Edwards credit in that they really did a good job in the offseason with free agent pickups and the trade for McCareins. This puts the team in the position to take the best available player that can make an impact. I hope they do exactly that or trade down and try to replenish the pick used in the McCareins trade. As far as I am concerned the natural impact players that could be around at 12 in this draft are:

    1. Deangelo Hall - CB and KR/PR
    2. Sean Taylor - SS and KR/PR
    3. Kevin Jones - RB
    4. Vince Wilfork - DT
    5. Kellen Winslow Jr. - TE (Even though I think he is a spoiled prick)

    In my opinion if none of those guys are around at 12 and we can trade down and get a second or even a couple of picks in the third round then it would be well worth it.

    So you miss out on the guys listed above. I know I would not mind seeing any of the following guys on the team that could be had with a pick in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th round:

    1. Tony Bua - SS - Arkansas
    2. DEAndre Eiland - FS - North Carolina
    3. Vontez Duff - CB - Notre Dame
    4. Jeremy Lesuer -CB - Michigan
    5. Dontarrius Thompson - OLB - Auburn
    6. Tim Anderson - DT Ohio state
    7. Igor Olskansky - DT - Oregon
    8. Junior Siavii - DT - Oregon
    9. Jeff Womble - DT - Florida State
    10. Jake Grove - C - Virginia Tech
    11. Kelly Butler - OT - Purdue
    12. Shane Olivea - OT - Ohio State
    13. Devery henderson - WR - LSU
    14. P.K. Sam - WR - Florida State
    15. Michael Clayton - WR - LSU
    16. Michael Jenkins - WR - Ohio State
    17. Quincy Wilson - RB - West Virginia

    Some late round players and small school free agents that I like are
    1. Bradlee van Pelt - QB - Colorado State
    2. Chris Lewis - QB - Stanford
    3. Jason Fife - QB - Oregon
    4. Fred Russell - RB- Iowa
    5. Doug Easlick - FB - Virginia Tech
    6. Tony Pape - OT - Michigan
    7. Jim Molinaro - OT - Notre Dame
    8. Raheem Moore - DE - Rutgers
    9. Alexander Lewis - LB - Wisconsin
    10. Maurice Jones -OLB - South Florida
    11. Terrence Copper - WR - East Carolina

    Anyway lets hope Bradway and Edwards don't have their usual draft day schizophrenia!!!!!


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