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Thread: Another trade rumor with Raiders

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    Gallery is an awesome prospect, but I feel he will slip out of the top five. I agree the Jets need O-line help, just not at the tackle position. We already have bookend tackles and an all pro center. We need two studs sandwiched between them to solidify the line. Guards can be picked up in later rounds. If given an early pick in the draft (probably never happen) then we should trade down to accumulate picks. Gallery would cost us too much at such a high pick.

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    [quote][i]Originally posted by JETSET47[/i]@Apr 3 2004, 05:41 PM
    [b] Gallery is an awesome prospect, but I feel he will slip out of the top five. [/b][/quote]
    not only will he not make it out of the top 5 but Gallery deserves to be #1 overall - he's the only major prospect to lift and run all drills at the combine - this is the list of OT prospects in the last decade:


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    Very good point. I'm not sayin' I don't like the guy. He would be a welcome addition to anyones' team, As a tackle though, he may slip because of teams needing 'playmakers' such as WR, DE, CB, QB. . . you get what I'm saying? I'd love to have him, Mawae, and McKenzie on the same line. Do you really think management going in that direction? What would you do with the second overall?

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    if were in the situation with the 2nd pick we do 1 of 3 things.

    1. We take Larry fitz
    2. We take Mike Williams
    3. We trade down again to like the 4 or 5th pick and TAke sean taylor an gain another pick.

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    Sounds like a bogus rumor.

    But the Jets would be nuts not to do it and then trade down.

    Hell even if they stay put it's a steal.

    Turn MacKenzie into Robert Gallery for the price of the #12 pick? Hell yes. Resigning MacKenzie wouldn't be that much less expensive than Gallerys rookie contract if Kareem's as good as everyone thinks he is.

    Throw in that you're effectively trading LaMont Jordan for the #45 pick....


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    i really don't see them taking gallery

    i would be happy with that, but its way too much $$$ and they won't take Fitz or Mike that's for sure

    so why not trade down - take taylor (that's a hole) then pick the OL in the 2nd round

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    [quote][i]Originally posted by 4HCrew[/i]@Apr 3 2004, 10:39 AM
    [b] Last night on WFAN a couple of callers called in with a rumors they heard with the Raiders..the trade talk was..

    Jets give up Jordan,Mckenzie and the #12 for the Raiders 1st and 2nd round picks....

    I remember seeing threads regarding trade talks with the Raiders but not sure if I saw this one before..

    I do not have a link of anything this was just discussions on sports radio. Sorry if already posted. [/b][/quote]
    Can't see Al Davis moving down that far in draft. Raiders have a bigger faster Rt in Langston Walker 6'8 350 . Now LT you set yourself up real nice for the nerxt decade.(There has to be a reason why Mckenzie hasn't beat out Fabini at LT) L Jordan been so underutilized by Jets that his trade value isn't that high(not enough carriers in his career to say what Jets have in him).
    If Raiders do trade down I think farthest they go down is to Browns number 7. Supposedly Browns want gallery Bad and are offering troubled RB W Green/T Couch , wr D Northcutt and their seventh pick for Raiders number 2 pick in draft.
    Al Davis usually dosen't trade down and expect Raiders to make the pick at number 2. Right now i say itss Roy Willams or R Gallery. Supprise pick i say is Kevin Winslow JR.

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    You do this without even thinking about it.

    You get a PREMIER pick, one that could be spent on Gallery, or one that becomes a nuclear hot commodity if the Chargers pass on Manning.

    The phone in the Jets War Room would explode with offers if Gallery goes #1. Of course, Terry will probably be ordering a pizza from Dominoes while other teams are trying to get through, after which he'll put the phone down and draft Kellen Winslow Jr. LOL!

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    this is a no brainer....

    you take the trade and grab gallery at 2 to compensate for the loss of macenzie who probably wont be around here too long anyway...

    so you give up jordan, an unused payer anyway, and get a very good player in round 2

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    This is so ridiculously lopsided that it has to be a rumor. Take out the 2nd rounder and it becomes more plausible. Still, if Raiders offered it Jets almost have to make that deal. I am one person who thinks that 1 of 2 things happen with San Diego. They trade down or they take Gallery.


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