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Thread: Time Change to Daylight and Herm

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    I wonder if Herm had any problems adjusting the clock this morning, knowing his all too familiar issues with clock management.

    Just a little bored (or board) humor....

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    good one

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    :ph34r: yeh he needs help with the clock management but he deserves to be the Jets head coach.....two playoff berths in the first three years warrants that. In 2004 the Jets will make the postseason.

    We all Know about the clock management issue but it's being magnified to the point of being silly...that issue will be addressed. When the Rams were in the playoffs and Mike Marks made numerous blunders in that game.....the Rams fans knew he screwed up but I doubt if the entire offseason he will have to hear about it. When the Jets played the Steelers Bill Cowher kinda helped the Jets with his late game clack management.

    Last year we were just down right terrible and the injuries did not help....herm has issues but clock mamagement was not the cause of the 6-10 season.

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    herm was actually at the tourneau 'time machine' store in manhattan today for the big 'turn the clock forward' event. it's the truth, a friend of mine ran the event. hope all went well!! :blink:


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