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Thread: What makes a good draft?

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    Many people have been arguing about whether Bradway is a good GM when it comes to draft day. He has proven that he has a good track record of drafting guys who stay on the Jets roster, but doesnt have a lot of impact players from the late rounds. MacKenzie and Coles are some of the exceptions.

    So I ask this question wondering what makes the better draft: Drafting more impact players and not as many players currently on the roster, or not a lot of impact players, but solid roster fillers?

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    It doesn't matter the amount of players because in the end all teams are only allowed a certain number of players on their roster. What matters is who those players are. If they just take up space or if they can step up when it matters and play with the big dogs. Hopefully the players you draft will be impact players but they could just as well come off the bench and be an impact player. What works in college for them doesn't always work in the NFL who knows you pick up what you think is going to be a great D-lineman and it turns out that he is a great third down lineman. You didn't get what you expected but he is still an impact player while filling a roster spot.

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    you want the players that can make the big, game changing plays when its all said and done.

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    It's about getting the most bang for your buck. Period. Exclamation point.

    In the Salary Cap Era the easiest way to get ahead is by getting underpaid players via the draft. Since the draft has a pyramidlike salary structure, the higher you go up, the more of an impact the player has to have to give you an advantage. You get a 1000 yard WR with the 1st overall pick, you have to pay him 6 million bucks a year, and it's horrible value. The net effect for your team is actually a NEGATIVE one. You get that same receiver with pick 18, and you've probably gotten about fair value for maybe 2.5 mil a year. You get that same WR in the 5th round and you get several years of him for ~400 k per..... HUGE value. And at the end of that time you can resign him for fair value or psossibly get picks.

    One caveat: most rookies are "overpaid" in their first year. That's pretty much to be expected. There is a learning curve. It's a necessary sacrifice.

    For instance.... the Pats drafted Matt Light in 2001 in the 2nd round.....this year he has a $ 823,000 cap hit.

    $ 823,000 for a quality NFL LT is a HUGE bargain. The money saved can be used elsewhere.

    Let's assume for arguments sake that Ty Warren is a JAG and will always be a JAG.

    Next year his cap hit will be $1,844,000. That's horrible value, and over $1,000,000 in cap room that could have been used elsewhere.

    The implication here is that the benefit of finding a quality starter in the 4th round can be bigger than finding a star in the 1st round.

    you know, cost/benefit.

    So a good draft is one where a team gets production above and beyond the resources invested into that draft (including salaries). Impact players don't hurt, but the question is "at what price".

    You can have a good draft because you get Santana Moss in the 1st.... or you can have a good draft because you get a David Givens in the 7th or a Dan Koppen in the 5th.

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    Even thought it's a long time ago, in galaxy far far away..... THE 1977 JETS DRAFT is a good example of a great draft (1)Marvin Powell OT, (2)Wesley Walker WR, (4)Scott Dierking RB ,(6)Joe Klecko DT, (7)Kevin Long RB,(8)Dan Alexander OG, (9) Matt Robinson QB." IF THE 2004 DRAFT IS HALF AS GOOD THE 1977 DRAFT I'LL BE A HAPPY MAN" :rolleyes:

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    [quote][i]Originally posted by RichardSeymour[/i]@Apr 5 2004, 03:41 AM
    [b] It's about getting the most bang for your buck. Period. Exclamation point.

    Great post RS. By that logic, unless you get a franchise type player in the first 10 picks anything else should be considdered a bust. For Example: if D-Rob turns out to be a pretty good player, but never becomes extraordinary, he should be considered a bust based on the amount of money he made as a top 5 pick. Also, by that logic the safe move would probablly be to trade down more often than not. Late first round and secound round picks have a much smaller shot of being busts because of the lower $ amt's being paid to them. Those guys just making the team as starters would be considered success stories.

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    A good Draft is when a team is able to fill the holes that the team needs.

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    impact players stupid poll i think.

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    [quote][i]Originally posted by JetMan55[/i]@Apr 6 2004, 12:53 AM
    [b] impact players stupid poll i think. [/b][/quote] can say that. But a lot of people have argued that Bradway has done a good job because most the players he drafted stayed on the I figured some controversy would ensue.

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    sorry i most have misunderstud the poll.


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