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Thread: Jets 7 round mock

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    The mock is pretty relistic but not that good. A round one CB is a bad idea considering the depth available. Will Allen is not a good pick in round three, especially if you already grabbed a DB earlier.

    You were right to address OL with two of your first few picks but reached for both players.

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    thanks ill see what i should change, then what position should we take in round one?

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    i took rod davis because he is a natural MLB, and he could take over for cowart in 2 years. i took leckey so mawae could teach him, i took Andrews so he could take over fabini's position after next year. and joey foster to fill the other guard spot with Goodwin in the other guard spot.

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    although realistic, not good value.

    If you trade down, take Vilma (he'll be there) and grab any of the following in round two: Ahmad Carroll, Matt Ware, Sean Jones, Ricardo Colclough.

    Rod Davis is a 4th rounder at best. MLB like Watson, Seigler, and Darryl Smith are much better.

    Andrews will not be ready next yeaR...MAJOR project

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    try posting in the edit field like normal humans. many people turn sigs off to be spared the same overbearing and repetitive graphics over and over...u might get more reponse to your post to boot....

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    i still don't understand this Becht and Lamont for a 3rd rounder business

    We were offered like the 3rd overall pick for Jordan last year and we didn't take you think we can trade our starting tight end and an up and coming running back for a third roundeR? i don't think so


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