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    Potential Cap Cuts, 2004
    Note: Number in parenteses is salary, not cap cost. Many of the players listed will be restructured rather than released and some have too much in outstanding signing bonus to be released. Note: Only players with salaries over $1,000,000 included in this list, for the most part. Players in Red have been released. Players in Blue restructured. Players in Purple retired... Page last updated on 4-4-04

    Arizona Cardinals: CB Duane Starks($3.6 million), RB Emmitt Smith($2.5 million), QB Jeff Blake($2 million), FB James Hodgins($1.0 million), T Anthony Clement($2.4 million), LB Raynoch Thompson($2.0 million), LB Ronald McKinnon($1.65 million), TE Steve Bush($650,000), C Frank Garcia($660,000), DE Fred Wakefield($750,000), LB James Darling($850,000)

    St. Louis Rams: QB Kurt Warner($4.75 million), WR Isaac Bruce($4.7 million), LB Jamie Duncan($1.85 million), S Kim Herring($1.75 million), T Grant Williams($660,000)

    San Francisco 49ers: QB Jeff Garcia($9.4 million), RB Garrison Hearst($2.5 million), T Derrick Deese($2.3 million), DT Bryant Young($2.25 million), LB Derek Smith($2.25 million), S Zack Bronson($1.6 million), DE Sean Moran($800,000).

    Seattle Seahawks: QB Matt Hasselbeck($5.0 million), QB Trent Dilfer($1.25 million), C Robbie Tobeck($1.8 million), G Chris Gray($1.56 million), DT John Randle($4.0 million), DT Chad Eaton($2.4 million), DT Norman Hand($3.0 million), LB Chad Brown($3.0 million), S Damien Robinson($630,000)

    Dallas Cowboys: WR Joey Galloway($6.31 million, traded), LS Jeff Robinson($1.1 million), T Ryan Young($1.1 million), LB Dexter Coakley($2.5 million), LB Dat Nguyen($1.85 million), S Darren Woodson($1.5 million), CB Donald Mitchell($650,000)

    New York Giants: QB Kerry Collins($7.0 million), RB Tiki Barber($3.975 million), WR Amani Toomer($3.9 million), T Luke Petitgout($1.47 million), DE Kenny Holmes($3.35 million), LB Michael Barrow($3.45 million), RB Ron Dayne($704,000), RB Brian Mitchell($760,000), RB Dorsey Levens($760,000), DT Ryan Kuehl($660,000), S Omar Stoutmire($670,000), P Jeff Feagles($760,000)

    Philadelphia Eagles: T Jon Runyan($4.5 million), DE Brandon Whiting($1.1 million), LS Mike Bartrum($760,000), LB Ike Reese($757,000)

    Washington Redskins: DE Bruce Smith($6.5 million), DE Renaldo Wynn($2.0 million), DT Lional Dalton($1.4 million), LB Jeremiah Trotter($2.7 million), LB Jessie Armstead($1.5 million), RB Trung Canidate($915,000), TE Byron Chamberlain($660,000), S Matt Bowen($850,000), P Bryan Barker($900,000)

    Chicago Bears: QB Chris Chandler($1.4 million), QB Kordell Stewart($1.45 million), G Rex Tucker($1.7 million), DT Bryan Robinson($2.6 million), DE Philip Daniels($3.0 million), CB RW McQuarters($2.75 million), CB Jerry Azumah($2.0 million), P Brad Maynard($1.0 million), LS Patrick Mannelly($650,000)

    Detroit Lions: RB James Stewart($5.9 million), WR Az Hakim($1.85 million), DT Luther Elliss($4.325 million), DE Robert Porcher($3.0 million), LB Earl Holmes($1.3 million), CB Dre Bly($4.0 million), S Brian Walker($1.3 million), FB Cory Schlesinger($850,000), WR Bill Schroeder($660,000), DE Jared DeVries($725,000), S Corey Harris($800,000)

    Green Bay Packers: G Mike Wahle($2.1 million), DE Joe Johnson($4.0 million), CB Al Harris($1.15 million), K Ryan Longwell($1.0 million), FB William Henderson($900,000), OL Grey Ruegamer($650,000), DT Gilbert Brown($650,000)

    Minnesota Vikings: DE Kenny Mixon($2.6 million), LB Greg Biekert($1.0 million), CB Denard Walker($2.5 million), QB Gus Frerotte($950,000), RB Moe Williams($660,000), WR D'Wayne Bates($850,000), OL Chris Lewienski($950,000), LB Henri Crockett($850,000)

    Atlanta Falcons: T Bob Whitfield($1.8 million), T Todd Weiner($2.4 million), DT Ed Jasper($1.5 million), DE Travis Hall($3.1 million), DE Brady Smith($1.85 million), LB Chris Draft($1.0 million), CB Ray Buchanon($2.95 million), S Cory Hall($1.57 million), LB Sam Rogers($760,000), LB Keith Newman($750,000), CB Allen Rossum($775,000), CB Kevin Mathis($700,000)

    Carolina Panthers: QB Rodney Peete($1.0 million), WR Muhsin Muhammad($4.4 million), C Jeff Mitchell($2.5 million), G Doug Brzezinski($1.0 million), LB Mark Fields($1.2 million), CB Terry Cousin($1.1 million), S Mike Minter($3.5 million), WR Karl Hankton($700,000), DT Shane Burton($800,000), LB Mike Caldwell($760,000), CB Rashard Anderson($640,000), S Damien Richardson($825,000)

    New Orleans Saints: LB Darrin Smith($2.225 million), CB Dale Carter($2.95 million), S Jay Bellamy($1.0 million), TE Ernie Conwell($925,000), LB Orlando Ruff($900,000)

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers: RB Michael Pittman($1.5 million), WR Keyshawn Johnson($5.0 million, traded), WR Joe Jurevicius($1.2 million), LB Derrick Brooks($5.5 million), S John Lynch($4.1 million), WR Karl Williams($660,000), DE Greg Spires($825,000), LB Dwayne Rudd($970,000), LB Shelton Quarles($970,000)

    Denver Broncos: QB Steve Beuerlein($1.0 million), RB Mike Anderson($1.755 million), WR Ed McCaffrey($4.5 million), TE Dwayne Carswell($1.275 million), T Matt Lepsis($4.5 million), G Dan Neil($2.525 million), DT Daryl Gardener($1.8 million), LB John Mobley($2.75 million)

    Kansas City Chiefs: RB Tony Richardson($2.6 million), OL Marcus Spears($1.0 million), LB Shawn Barber($1.6 million), CB Eric Warfield($2.5 million)

    Oakland Raiders: QB Rich Gannon($7.0 million), WR Jerry Rice($1.35 million), C Barret Robbins($4.2 million), G Frank Middleton($2.0 million), DT John Parrella($3.1 million), DE Trace Armstrong($2.7 million), LB Bill Romanowski($2.0 million), S Rod Woodson($1.6 million). Note: T Lincoln Kennedy($5.0 million) has already stated his intention to retire shortly after the season ended.

    San Diego Chargers: QB Doug Flutie($5.5 million), WR Tim Dwight($2.225 million), TE Stephen Alexander($2.4 million), T Vaughn Parker($3.5 million), DT Jason Fisk($2.1 million), DE Marcellus Wiley($6.75 million), DE RayLee Johnson($3.25 million), LB Donnie Edwards($2.85 million)

    Buffalo Bills: QB Alex Van Pelt($1.0 million), TE Dave Moore($1.0 million), DT Sam Adams($2.0 million), S Pierson Prioleau($1.0 million)

    Miami Dolphins: QB Jay Fiedler($3.7 million), WR James McKnight($1.8 million), C Tim Ruddy($2.2 million), DT Larry Chester($1.525 million), DE David Bowens($1.6 million), DE Jay Williams($1.2 million), LB Junior Seau($2.5 million), CB Sam Madison($6.3 million), K Olindo Mare($1.85 million)

    New England Patriots: RB Antowain Smith($2.4 million), WR David Patten($1.0 million), LB Roman Phifer($3.0 million), LB Willie McGinest($1.845 million), CB Tyrone Poole($1.0 million)

    New York Jets: QB Vinny Testaverde($4.0 million), WR Wayne Chrebet($2.8 million), G Dave Szott($1.7 million), DT Josh Evans($2.4 million), LB Mo Lewis($1.65 million), CB Donnie Abraham($3.1 million), CB Ray Mickens($1.0 million)

    Baltimore Ravens: WR Frank Sanders($2.0 million), CB Corey Fuller($1.0 million)

    Cincinnati Bengals: RB Corey Dillon($3.3 million), DT Oliver Gibson($1.85 milion), LB Adrian Ross($1.05 million), CB Jeff Burris($1.3 million)

    Cleveland Browns: QB Tim Couch($7.6 million), T Ross Verba($4.6 million), T Ryan Tucker($1.9 million), DT Orpheus Roye($2.0 million), DE Courtney Brown($6.0 million), S Robert Griffith($3.15 million)

    Pittsburgh Steelers: RB Jerome Bettis($3.617 million), TE Mark Breuner($2.395 million), G Oliver Ross($1.75 million), DE Aaron Smith($3.55 million), LB Jason Gildon($3.65 million), CB Chad Scott($3.885 million), CB DeWayne Washington($3.75 million)

    Houston Texans: WR Corey Bradford($1.625 million), G Zach Wiegert($1.8 million), DT Seth Payne($3.0 million), DE Gary Walker($5.85 million), LB Jamie Sharper($4.75 million), LB Jay Foreman($1.1 million), CB Aaron Glenn($3.75 million), CB Marcus Coleman($3.10 million), S Matt Stevens($2.5 million)

    Indianapolis Colts: QB Brock Huard($5.0 million), T Adam Meadows($5.0 million), DE Chad Bratzke($4.5 million), DE Brad Scioli($1.314 million)

    Jacksonville Jaguars: QB Mark Brunell($6.5 million, traded), TE Kyle Brady($1.6 million), DE Tony Brackens($5.5 million)

    Tennessee Titans: TE Frank Wycheck($1.2 million, retired), T Fred Miller($3.65 million), DE Kevin Carter($4.5 million), CB Samari Rolle($4.5 million), K Joe Nedney($1.2 million)


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    Originally posted by kelly@Apr 6 2004, 08:46 AM
    Note: Only players with salaries over $1,000,000 included in this list, for the most part. Players in Red have been released. Players in Blue restructured. Players in Purple retired... Page last updated on 4-4-04
    I was about to comment about how outdated this list was, then I saw the disclaimer...we cant see those colors, so it makes the list seem wrong, alot of these guys have already been cut or restructured


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