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Thread: Flyers hockey

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    I am not going to get up on my box and talk just yet, but let down too many times before, but does Primeau look like a rejuvenated kid again or what? The dude is flying all over the place, really looking the Captain role, leading by example.

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    He's definitely not the bumbling idiot on skates like he was when he was with Detroit.

    He's been red hot lately. Philly looks decent.

    They may get an opportunity to lose in a later round if they play like that all series.

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    Originally posted by Stewdawg@Apr 10 2004, 11:47 PM
    I am not going to get up on my box and talk just yet
    Glad you have a good memory.

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    I'm not ready to start my usual trash talk just yet. I'll wait til we play the TWO (YES, TWO) remaining games.

    All kidding aside, the Devs have outplayed us. The difference has been Esche. He's lookin' pretty solid. The Devs power play is MIA and Marty has been very mediocre.

    Looking forward to 7 PM. Go FLYERS!!!


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