While I can't speak for the series in the East, since for whatever reason I can never get them on TV, the Wings-Predators series has been ridiculously taken over by the refs. I'm not *****ing complaining it's unfair to the Wings because both teams are getting hosed. My god, the first period of yesterday's game alone there were 2 penalties in the first minute of play for interference and 12 penalties overall.

I love how the NHL talkes tough all season, fails to act, then chooses the playoffs, a seson notorious for putting the whistle away, to 'crackdown' on interference and obstruction.

The Wings have a killer PP, so if they (NHL) wanna keep putting them on the PP all season long be my guest, but their opposing teams may have a legitimate gripe when they lose games because of it.

Let the f-ing players play the game and call the blatant stuff. Don't make half ass calls just to prove a point.

With that said....Go Wings!!