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    Originally posted by jets5ever@Apr 14 2004, 12:43 PM
    I have always said, even on this board, the problem of Islamic fundamentalism and Wahabi terrorism towards America grew from a flicker to a raging volcano during the 444 days Americans were held hostage in Tehran and Carter did absolutely nothing!

    I was in my teens and remember the rage I had watching them burn American flags or use 'Ol Glory to carry out the trash. I remember almost everything that happened during that event and saying "Why doesn't the President dooo something??!!" My buddy and I skipped school and went to the tickertape parade they had for the returning hostages in January of '79 on Broadway (froze our asses off&#33.

    Documentaries through the years have proven it was a circus like atmosphere and almost a made for TV event in Iran. The Iranians would calmly hang out in front of the embassy but once the light on the TV camera illuminated all hell broke loose.

    Jimmy Carter was a failure in every possible way and his inability to react during several occasions during his tenure was pathetic (lopsided SALT treaties, handing over the Panama Canal). The fact that it took a bunch of 20-year old hockey players to provide the only shining light and glimmer of hope our nation had during his Presidency proves how pathetic he was!

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    That was a very good article 5ever...........It seems Mr Bush Has bourne the Idea of instilling democracy in the middle east to be his legacy. I wish him the best of luck down this most difficult path


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