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Thread: Please Donate To Air America Radio

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    Ladies and Gentlemen, as you well know, Air America, the self-appointed voice of liberals across this great nation, reportedly bounced a check to the owner of radio stations in Chicago and Los Angeles in the area of $1,000,000. Needless to say this came to a suprise to us, because there are still checks left in the checkbook, so we can't seem to figure out how we ran out of money.

    Due to low ratings, poor advertising sales and the fact that no one listens, we've been unable to locate the $1,000,000 in fund that we swear were just in the bank. Honest to god. Therefore we ask for your help, you the fans of Air America Radio, to donate your hard earned money to battle Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, and the rest of Conservative Radio that actually has a following and makes money.

    In addition to your contributions, we ask that your children begin to collect cans, scrap metal, and place change jars at local 7-11s immediately to not only pay the $1,000,000 owed, but the $25.00 NSF processing fee our bank has charged us.

    Within the next week, an Air America Radio Bake Sale will be scheduled for San Franciso, and upcoming fund raisers such as door to door sales of Little Ceasers Pizza Kits, Morley's Chocolate and Hersey's will be announced.

    Thank you for your understanding and support. With your help, and your children's loose change, we hope to keep Air America Radio on the air for at least another week.


    Al Franken

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    This whole capitalism thing of making money gets in the way of all those good lefty intentions, dangnamit! Can't they just sell those big-ass Raisinettes door-to-door?

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    Havn't all of us given enough "donations" to NPR ?

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    "I think the government should be paying for Air America. As a matter of fact lets raise taxes and just have the government pay for everything. That'll be great."

    - Nanci Pelosi
    Socialist Party of America

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    Damn. Two stations off the mighty network of eight already. Sounds like Hot Air America's in a wee bit of financial trouble.

    Just goes to show that you can't give lies away and you can't even pay to give them away.

    Gee, with all that liberal anger directed at Dubya, I thought they could've lasted at least seven more months.

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    Ha! I thought the leading post in this thread was a joke, until I saw the artical in the LA Times.

    Booted out of 2 of the LARGEST markets in the U.S.



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