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Thread: Lightning/Canadians

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    Game one was an absolute blow out by Tampa Bay. Not only was the score 4-0 with Khabibulin getting his 4th shutout of the postseason, the Canadians didn't exactly make it tough on him. They only managed 21 shots on goal. The Canadians starting goalie Jose Theodore? Chased from the ice.

    Some French-Canadians did well, however they play for the Lightning. How ironic that the two offensive stars for Montreal are a Swede and a Russian, and Tampa Bay have St. Louis and Lecavalier both Quebec natives, both scoring 3 points last night, Marty with 3 assists and Vinny with 2 goals and an assist to break his supposed playoff slump.

    What may be the most embarrassing aspect of the game for Montreal is that this game was nationally televised on Hockey Night in Canada, the equivilent to ABC Monday Night Football. Most of Canada is not familiar with the Lightning since they are not shown much there. They certainly know who they are now.

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    3-0 and 21,000 stunned fans. They boo'd Lecavalier all night and he came up big at the end. They outplayed the Lightning for the most part, but made to many big mistakes that were taken advantage of.

    What were the Habs doing letting Lecavalier just stand all by himself in front of their goal at the end of regulation? Huge mistake. HUGE!

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    Tampa Bay got outplayed but still found the way to win. When you have a guy with talent like Lecavalier he can win the game for you. That goal at the the end of the game to tie it up took the heart out of the Canadiens. It is good to see Montreal back in the playoffs and their fans supporting them -they are an institution in hockey.

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    Montreal is out of their league. I watch this series and wonder how they even made the playoffs? :o

    You knew all along Tampa was going to win that game.

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    FOUR! for Bolts, FORE! for Habs.

    Gotta love the Montreal Gazette though. Now that the Habs have been swept, the Lightning are now "astonishingly talented".

    Kudos to the Habs fans who stayed to the end singing.

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    TB is going to be one very rested team for the next round...


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