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Thread: Buffalo's drafted QB JP Losman

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    Caught this Q&A on with JP Losman...

    Didn't Drew Bledsoe give Brady a hard time in New England? I remember him not being very helpful and supportive of Brady, actually resentful...or is this wrong?

    [color=purple]Do you think you can learn the same way from him like Tom Brady did in New England?

    Yeah, I think it is a great situation for a rookie quarterback to be put into. Obviously you have seen the success that Tom has had sitting behind Drew and learning from Drew. The whole situation there was a very classy move and classy deal the way things worked out over there. It just seemed like they had fun over there when they were winning even though they were competing for the job. Not to say I'm going to compete for the job; I don't know about that. I'm just going to sit behind someone who has been through the ropes quite a few times. I'm just some little rookie coming in trying to learn as much as possible. [/color]

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    losman is garbage, i expect him to be a career backup

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    Sounds pretty humble....What is with the sudden change in attitude? I don't know about this guy the first time Bledsoe makes a mistake he will probably be the first one running his mouth about how Bledsoe is done and shouldn't even be playing anymore.

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    I think BLEDSOE learned from his mistakes and won`t be helping any young QB take his job from him again anytime soon ,he won`t do anything to hurt him but i`m sure he won`t help him...

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    Bledsoe is a classy guy and will help Losman. The Bills have until November to pick up a 4 year option with a 7mill bonus. Bledsoe is playing for that 7mill bonus either from the bills or another team in March.

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    I think Drew will be out for Drew, and to see that he keeps his job. He does not want to go through the mess he had in N.E. again. He won't sabatoge Loseman, but he won't be like Vinny was to Chad.

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    I like Losmna,I like his confident attittude,but since he's in division I hope he's a bust


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