Bollinger is not the answer as a back-up. He wasnt even the answer at Wisconsin. If you watched any of Wisy's games while he was there, any time they were in a real passing situation they would bring in Jim Sorgi ( i believe was drafted, or a UDFA this year) because Bollinger has no arm and is not a passing QB, he is a scrambling/ option QB, with a weak arm. Why on earth Bradway drafted him is still beyond me, hell, the guy we cut lasy year Marquel Blackwell was a better prospect. Ricky Ray, looks like he could me a MAJOR sleeper as far as backups go. Everything i hear about him is positive, very strong arm, smart, accurate, and has a fiery competitve attitude. I could see him being very good one day. I still would say that if we could bring someone in cheap to do it, because Bollinger is not an NFL QB, he was barely an NCAA QB.