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Thread: Jets, Jordan schedule meeting to talk about future

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    Jets, Jordan schedule meeting to talk about future

    May 02, 2004
    HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. (AP) _ Jets backup running back LaMont Jordan and his agent will meet with the team's management this week about his unsettled future in New York.

    Jordan, the subject of several trade rumors during the offseason, is in the third year of the four-year contract he signed with the Jets as a rookie in 2001. He contends he's ready for more playing time now and wants more carries, whether they're with the Jets or elsewhere.

    The obstacle is Curtis Martin, still the Jets' featured back and in the middle of a long-term contract.

    "I would like some sort of commitment, whether it's with a contract extension or by giving me the ball," Jordan said Sunday following the Jets' final minicamp practice of the weekend. "I think I am capable. From the moment I stepped foot in here, Curtis has done nothing but teach me. How would anyone know if you learned your lesson until you take the test? I think I am ready for my test, and that test is to play.

    "At some point, you have to allow your kids to go outside to the back yard and play, and I am ready to go to the playground."

    Jordan's career highs in carries and yards came in 2002, when he had 84 rushes for 316 yards. In his career, he's rushed 169 times for 798 yards and eight touchdowns.

    Don't look for the Jets to trade Jordan with one year remaining on his contract unless the compensation is high. They were seeking at least a second-round draft pick before the draft, but there were no takers.

    Jordan is a valuable backup to Martin, not to mention good insurance playing behind a 30-year-old starter.

    "His representation is coming up here on Tuesday and we're going to sit down and talk," Jets coach Herman Edwards said of agent Alvin Keels. "I've already spoken to LaMont. We're just going to talk about trying to get something done with the guy.

    "Hopefully he can be a Jet and retire a Jet. We have to get LaMont in there more, and we know that. This year we have a lot of things planned to get him into the game and carry the football."

    Martin, who's been very supportive of his prot?g?, hopes Jordan doesn't "shoot himself in the foot" by being Angry about his status.

    "I think he's fully equipped to do whatever he needs to do," Martin said. "His whole career is in his hands. From this point on he creates his own future. It's up to him. Rookie time is over with. He is a grown man now."

    Jordan has not demanded a starting position, only playing time.

    "I have a great relationship with Curt," he said. "Everybody knows I have the utmost respect and love for Herman Edwards. After three years, I handled my situation very well; I think I've shown loyalty to the organization. I learned a lot from Curt and the veterans, but I do want to play.

    "I am not going to stand here and make any bold statements ... I am going to say that I think that I deserve the opportunity to play."

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    I feel bad for LaMont and his situation. As long as Curtis is healthy, he's not going to see the field much.

    As a Jets fan he's great insurance to have in case Curtis goes down, yet as a LaMont fan, you know he could start for a least a dozen teams out there and make a name for himself as a starter.

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    Jordan is a valuable backup to Martin, not to mention good insurance playing behind a 30-year-old starter.
    31 year old starter


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