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Thread: Jets Open Minicamp

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    Jets Open Minicamp

    Chrebet is just thankful to be back on the field. When his season ended in early November, Chrebet didn't know whether he would ever play football again. He had headaches, dizziness and fatigue and could not do any exercise.

    In February, he started feeling better and decided he wanted to resume his career.

    "All I know is it was a bad period of time in my life," Chrebet said. "I just tried to shake out of it. Talked to my wife and weigh pros and cons. When I came back to work and started lifting, I told her, 'It feels great to be back. I'm going to give it another shot.' She said whatever you want to do I'm behind you. So here I am."

    Chrebet is listed as the No. 3 receiver behind Santana Moss and Justin McCareins, acquired in a trade with Tennessee.. Though he still feels lightheaded sometimes, Chrebet doesn't plan on changing the way he plays.

    Shouldn't that tell you something? Concussions aren't anything to take lightly and how many has he had in his career? I'd hate to see anything bad happen to Wayne. Anyone else worried he's one hit away from being out for good?

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    The thing is everyone is one hit away from being out for good. Chrebet however is just EXTREMELY close to that one hit. But Wayne will do what is best for him, and right now he thinks that is to play but he could end up like the long list of players that have had to quit because of one too many concusions...Steve Young, Troy Aikmen just to name a few. But if that hit does come hopefully he will know that it is time to hang up the cleats and hopefully he will surround himself with people that will tell him when it is time to give up and worry more about his health.

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    That is the chance that the Jets org and Wayne are taking. The decision is Wayne's and his family. The Jets already got him to sign a ridiculous concussion clause. He wants to play, give it another shot.

    I'm happy he's back with us another year and so is Chad just hope all goes well


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