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Thread: Claymores LB Ryan Myers

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    Thanks Hammer. Excellent job of breaking everything down. I fully agree with you, the fact that the Jets got rid of some LB's well beyond their prime-years and replaced with younger, more athletic LB's is a nice start. Of course, these players must prove themeselves on the field, but as you say, keeping them around longer would've been foolish.

    I agree with you on Jason Glenn. Very few NFL players, regardless of their special teams ability (Larry Izzo is an exeption) can have a long NFL career as "top special teamers".

    Look at Kevin Swayne. He was a fine special teamer. But it got the point were he was making too much money and producing too little at WR. Ergo, the Jets may be wiser to go with a Carl Kearney type (UFA GS) rookie and pay him the minimum.

    The NFL adage that says players better be "position players" by their third season, sends shivers down the spine of even the best special teamers.

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    :ph34r: I agree with your locks but for the other two spots I have Kenyatta Wright and Mark Brown. I watched Brown play at Auburn and he can play!! That hamstring in 2003 screwd up his entire rookie season since he was never 100%.

    watch him in 2004


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