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Thread: A.J. Marino..I mean Feely

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    For now, it's Fiedler

    By Alex Marvez
    Posted May 3 2004

    DAVIE As expected, Round One in the Dolphins quarterback derby belonged to Jay Fiedler.

    Fiedler entered the weekend minicamp with the starting offense and, despite two interceptions during Sunday's practice, showed that he deserves to stay for now.

    A.J. Feeley, who was acquired from Philadelphia in hopes he could knock Fiedler from that spot, struggled at times with his accuracy and didn't exhibit a firm grasp of the offense while rotating with the first team.

    "I think you're dealing with him learning the system and having a new quarterbacks coach [in Marc Trestman]," coach Dave Wannstedt said after Sunday's session. "There are adjustments being made both physically and mentally."

    The Dolphins knew Fiedler would have an early advantage because of his familiarity with the offense and personnel. Feeley has 14 more minicamp practices to get up to speed before the opening of training camp in late July.

    "It is not going to be an overnight process, but the reps and opportunity are going to be there to show how good he can be," Trestman said.

    But those who believe Feeley is a lock because of the investment made in him may want to reconsider. Fiedler looks markedly different now that he is healthy again.

    Fiedler, who missed five starts last season with a sprained knee, didn't wear a brace in minicamp.

    While he won't say so publicly, Fiedler is determined to prove his detractors wrong and show he can lead the Dolphins deep into the postseason when surrounded by better talent.

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    I wouldn't be surprised if the Phins go after a free agent QB -- ie Warner, Collins. At this point, they have 2 quality backups in Fiedler and Feeley.

    BTW, did the post say 14 more mini-camp practices left????? And the Jets had only 5! Our new D needs all the practice they can get to be cohesive. C'mon Herm . . .

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    All that Feeley possesses is a strong arm but lacks accuracy and as the article indicates, he was very rough in his practice drills.


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