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Thread: Why Bush and his cronies have to go

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    These are the the main reasons why Bush and his gang of cronies must go in 04...some of the reasons are enough to begin impeachement hearings!

    1) Bush has completely lost control of the white house..The fact that Dick Cheney had to testify with him shows the utter lack of sole decision making Bush has..He can't do anything without cheney's approval.

    Another example of Bush losing control..Someone on the white house staff (most likely Cheney's cheif of staff Scooter Libby) leaked ambassodor Wiulson's wife name..She was a CIA agent..This is a federal Offense!!Her name was leaked after Wilson found no evidence that Iraq was seeking Uranium from Niger...Cheney and gang were so Angry that they used thier mafioso tactics on his wife..

    2)..Bush LIED on the above claim..Wilson told Bush and Rice that it was not true..Bush still went ahead with his state of the union address claiming Iraq had tried to buy Uranium..

    3)The whole administration trumped up evidence against Iraq to justify an invasion. (no wmd's are there)

    4)The bush/cheney/saudi connection is a prime example of The Military Industrial Complex..
    Rice/Bush/Cheney are oil men. When they came to power an agenda came with them..Keep America dominat and reshape the world by force if necessary..
    WHO are the winners in Iraq..87 billion dollars..where will it go?.The only corporations who have contracts in Iraq are the same ones afilliated with Dick Cheney..and the ones who were huge campaign supporters of Bush.
    THAT IS COrporate corruption.

    The lies and agenda are enough for me..Throw in his handling of the economy, the un doing of 30 years of environmental law, his fanaticle religeous view.....

    Throw them out in 04.

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    Blah Blah Blah, All those words and not one proven fact. Keep in mind that Kerry is a bufoon. See Below. [img][/img]

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    they both suck...enough said...


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