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    its on now

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    I happened on it and couldn't stop watching.

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    [quote][i]Originally posted by Bugg[/i]@May 4 2004, 12:44 AM
    [b] I happened on it and couldn't stop watching. [/b][/quote]
    No kidding. I wanted to change the channel but just couldn't. Very touching. It was a tough one.

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    Hey, somebody help me out; when the season starts, I'm gonna make his jersey my AVATAR ( but not now, I'm having too much fun changing it every week). This is the best picture I could find:


    Can somebody frame the Jersey and get rid of the rest of the picture around it? Thanks.

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    :ph34r: I have a photo of Tillman in my office on the wall and it's staying there. I even put my beret on my desk with my Airborne/Air Assault wings....a man like that makes me so damn prod to be a veteran!

    The 2004 season BETTER be dedicated to Tillman.

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    Are you passionate?
    Are you livin' like you talk?
    Are you dreamin' now
    that you're goin' to the top?
    Are you negative,
    In a world that never stops,
    Turnin' on you?
    Turnin' on me?
    Turnin' on you?

    Are you loving it?
    Can you ever get enough of it?
    Is it everything?
    A love that never stops,
    Comin' to you?
    Comin' to me?
    Comin' to you?

    Once I was a soldier,
    I was fighting in the sky,
    And the gunfire kept
    comin' back on me.
    So I dove into the darkness,
    And I let my missles fly.
    And they might be the ones,
    That kept you free.

    Once I was a prisoner,
    I was riding in a truck,
    Cleaned up for public display.
    I looked at those around me,
    And when they looked at me,
    I let them see my soul that day.

    Are you scared of it?
    Do you wish that it would stop?
    Does it bother you
    when you hear your spirit talk?
    Well I'm right with you,
    Yes I'm right with you.
    It's working on me,
    It's working on you.
    It's working on me.

    -Neil Young


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