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Thread: Chads audibles beginning of end......

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    I disagree

    Hack Ass typical playcall

    1st Down......Screen/DUmp pass
    2nd Down......Run/Sweep play?Screen to Sowell
    3rd Down.......Slant/Chad runs for his life
    4th Down.......With 9 yards to go in the 4th quarter....Draw

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    Hacketts play calling is a problem, of course...but, IMO the offensive system is an even bigger issue.

    Hackett's running plays are mostly (if not all) slow developing with the backs spending WAAAYYYY too much time in the backfield. Todays athlete's are too fast for that s**t. I also think his passing plays are of the 1980's 49er quick slant variety...again...LB's and D-lineman (when well coached) see the short drop, get there hands up and bat things down.

    I know the offense has clicked, at times, but when WCO disciple's like Holmgren and Shanahan are churning out the top offenses in the league on a yearly basis, they make Hackett look like the amateur that he is.

    Jets WCO is something out of the 80's.....antiquated

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    Originally posted by bman@May 5 2004, 10:55 AM
    hackett cost Vinny games last year..PERIOD..
    Vinny shoulk be the OC..what the hell has hackett ever done anyway!
    Couldn't agree more!


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