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    When Bay Area baseball fans trek to see the Oakland A's in mid-June, they'll spot something never seen before in Major League Baseball -- spider webs on first, second and third base.

    The decorating of the bases is part of a marketing deal between Major League Baseball Properties, Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios to tout the national release June 30 of the "Spider-Man 2" movie.

    The 15 MLB teams hosting inter-league games Jun 11-13 get to have their bases decorated. The San Francisco Giants are out of town during that period.

    Baseball says hooking up with Spider-Man will draw younger fans to its games, in addition to the undisclosed amount of money it's getting from the studio.

    Home plate will not be decorated.

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    The deal is baseball's latest attempt to develop a splashier national marketing image. "In an ultracompetitive sports-entertainment environment, you have to take risks," says Tim Brosnan, MLB's executive vice president for business.

    Baseball is trying everything to get to football's national level.....its crap!

    Regardless....Lets go Yanks, 7 in a row baby!!!


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