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Thread: Another Lamont/Curtis scenario

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    Originally posted by Bigdidyo@May 6 2004, 12:34 AM
    I disagree with everyone in this thread. Curtis is STILL an elite running back. Teams play us BECAUSE of Curtis. Without Curtis the whole dynamic of this team changes including the way other teams play us.

    Can you actually say that teams are going to game plan to stop Lamont?? Give me a freakin break. Lamont may be a nice back but better than Curtis? I think not. Let's put it this are in charge of running a franchise for next year (1 year only...maybe 2) and you have a choice between Lamont and Curtis. I'm picking Curtis without hesitation. Heir apparent maybe, but right now it's Curtis, hands down.
    Don't get me wrong, but lets remember last season. Curtis only had two TDs (0 going into Dec.), had only 4 games of over 100yds and 4 games with a YPC over 4! Sure his stats will show 1300 yds and a 4.0 avg, but watching him last year I can't say he was dominant but for maybe 3-4 games. As a DC, the first priority is to stop the run, but if I were to prepare for a particular Jet player on offense, it would be Chad and his play making and play faking skills. Curtis is the starter, no doubt, but Lamont deserves his shot. GJ&H said it perfectly.

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    Originally posted by Green Jets & Ham+May 6 2004, 12:22 AM--></span><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (Green Jets & Ham @ May 6 2004, 12:22 AM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> <!--QuoteBegin--AirForceJetFan@May 5 2004, 03:50 PM
    I know we have a ton of Lamont threads the past couple of days but here&#39;s one to consider

    What if.....

    We keep Lamont

    Herm actually lets the guy play and gives him 8-10 carries a game

    Lamont breaks off a couple of long TD runs (which Curtis hasn&#39;d done for years) and basically outplays Curtis?

    Then do we play him over Curtis or continue to say "we have to play Curtis because he&#39;s done better in the past and we have to make sure he gets in to Canton" or do we say give the majority of the carries to the guy who gives you the better chance to win? If LJ gets a shot to carry the ball with some regularity, I don&#39;t think it&#39;s that unreasonable to say he could produce more than Curtis.
    Here&#39;s what I don&#39;t understand ... why is it so tough for Herm to follow through on his promises and find this kid 7 to 10 carries per game?

    Let me tell you something, Freeman McNeil was at least the equal of Curtis Martin and based on pure talent arguably better ... yet we never had any trouble getting Johnny Hector his 7 to 10 carries per game

    Sometimes the CS would just toss Hector out there for an entire series ... then go back to Freeman on the next series


    We always had a fresh RB in the game and BOTH GUYS tore it up&#33;&#33;

    Curtis isn&#39;t getting any younger ... why can&#39;t Jordan get a series or two per game ... just leave him out there for an entire drive ... then switch back to Martin on the following drive

    If one guy or the other is really having a big day ... ripping off huge chunks at a time ... then let him play until he needs a blow

    This is not rocket science ... Jets did it for years with Freeman & Hector ... worked like a charm ... best one-two punch we ever had at HB [/b][/quote]
    I agree 100% ham.....I could never figure out why not put LJ in for an entire drive. Give him 5 or 6 carries and then a few spot carries throughout the game. Seems easy enough and I think thats why its frustrating to watch a young talent rot away on the bench without even being given a legit shot.

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    Hard to know what to do with Jordan right now. I&#39;ve always thought he was impressive, given the few opportunities he was given. Averages more ypc than CM even though the majority of his carries are short-yardage/goal-line situations where everyone & their mother knows Hackett&#39;s calling a run up the middle. CM&#39;s avg? He&#39;s failed to average the minimally-acceptable 4.0 ypc or better (4.0 is not "elite") in 20 of the last 32 games.

    Elite backs make you shake your head at the screen & wonder how he could&#39;ve done that. CM gets his larger gains through gaping holes the line creates. Without a big hole or a soft rush-D on a 3rd-&-20 draw, he goes nowhere. I wouldn&#39;t place too much stock in the "if Jordan was better than CM then CM wouldn&#39;t get all the carries" bit. Jet offensive starters under Herm ONLY lose their jobs or playing time if someone steps up while the starter&#39;s injured (Moss/Conway, Pennington/Testaverde, Moore/Szott). But those backups were given serious opportunities to show what they&#39;ve got - everyone except Jordan, who was still only given minimal work even when Curtis "the warrior" had 2 sprained ankles.

    CM reminds me of Cal Ripken & that foolishly-revered, selfish "streak" - no matter how horrible a slump he was in, his consecutive-games stat was more important than the greater good of the team. Even Ahman Green (~1900 yds/15TD&#39;s/5.3ypc/similar WCO) comes out for a drive here & there. It keeps him fresh...and dangerous.

    But as far as what to do with Jordan? We clearly can&#39;t pay both him & CM starter-money with guys like Chad, Ellis, Abe, & McKenzie unsigned past &#39;04. CM&#39;s contract makes him a Jet until he&#39;s like 34-35 & even then it&#39;ll be a big cap hit to cut him, so the odd-man out is Jordan. Yeah, he&#39;s talented, but if/when starters go down there are plenty of previously-unheralded RB&#39;s that step it up (of current HB&#39;s: Portis, Domanick Davis, Ahman Green [was Levens&#39; backup], Priest Holmes, Michael Pittman [was backup to a top-10 pick, Thomas Jones], Dominic Rhodes, Moe Williams). So at this point, I&#39;d say Bradway has very little judgement-calls to make regarding Jordan. He&#39;s a Jet in &#39;04, then he&#39;s a free-agent. If someone miraculously offers a 2nd-rounder for him, take it. If it&#39;s a 3rd-rounder, pass & keep him as insurance for &#39;04.


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