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Thread: DEFINE Left and RIGHT

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    What I am asking, is for each of you to define what you think of or see as a "Leftist" or a "Rightist" based solely on issues facing the USA today:

    Please keep your commentary out of your posts. I am not looking for novels or editorials. Simply list the issue, and the left and right position in said issue:

    For example (example purposes only, NOT my opinion):


    Issue #1: Abortion: Leftist wants fully legalized, regardless of age or length of pregnancy.


    Issue #1 Abortion: Rightists want all abortion made illegal.

    List any issues you find relevant to todays USA, including (but not limited to):

    The WAR in Iraq
    The War on Terrorism
    The War on Drugs
    The Economy
    Freedom of Speech
    Campaign Finance

    And anything else you find important today.

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    Bigger Gov.
    Higher Taxes
    Robin Hood, take the money from the wealthy and give it to the lazy uuummmm I mean poor.
    Can't stand the miltary....undermine it, would get rid of it altogether if they could
    CIA- see military
    Kooom by yah- let's appease the rest of the world, there is no such thing as evil in the world,
    Despise the word "God" and christians
    Hate America and what it stands for

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    Warfish, you can't just narrow it down to arbitrary issues and then say "PRO" or "Con". It's way more complicated than that. Take abortion...

    Man, I'm glad I'm not in a position of authority on this. Because personally, I'm against it. But I struggle with the idea of outlawing it (as if that neccessarily would stop it: SEE DRUG TRAFFICING).

    Here's the easy way out: I believe that Abortion is a private matter between a pregnant woman and her physician. It doesn't belong in the court room, and it doesn't belong in the legislature. I believe it's between her and her God.

    Philisophically of course, you can take that logic from the zygote, to the fetus, to late term, to...

    Born and breathing. The whole thing is just so Nazi-ish. To define a baby in the womb as an "unwanted pregnancy". And I despise the duplicity of the left by defining it as "pro-choice". Call it what it is, "pro-abortion".

    It's a huge can of worms, and I'm really, really not sure just how else to deal with this dilemma. Pregnancy is not entirely avoidable, but I think more times than not, the pregnancy was preventable, and to just casually have an abortion, like you're getting a wart removed...

    I think the social and psychological ramifications of this industry (for want of a better word) is that we have bred an entire generation endeared with the same set of morals and principles, and sociopathic ability to murder, as that of the Hitler youth.

    And that scares the sh*t out of me.

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    I didn't want to start a new thread, but I found this article a fascinating read:


    And this one, too:


    Toffler has some peculiar ideas. I got this info from freerepublic:

    He described the US Constitution as a “disease” which “must die and be replaced.” The reason why is that the US Constitution presents many obnoxious obstacles for futuristic man - the central threat being its cumbersome structural feature of checks and balances, which results in gridlock (which was, incidentally, by intent) rather than speedy legislation; and which results in bitter partisan politics, rather than the national and international unity requisite for rapid response to the needs of billions of people - needs, they say, which are not adequately being met in our high tech, rapidly changing, highly interdependent world.


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