[b]John Kerry's car trouble [/b]

The Republicans have done it again when it comes to Sen. John Kerry's flip-flopping statements on owning an SUV. In the latest installment, the GOP has found video of Kerry telling environmentally conscious New Hampshire voters that he sold his gas guzzlers to buy fuel-efficient autos and just one month later, in Michigan car country, giving a long list of big-engine vehicles he owns–including two SUVs, one imported.

Ed Gillespie, the Republican Party chairman, is to unveil them tonight during a speech in Sheldon, Iowa. His point: Kerry says whatever he thinks voters want to hear. It's the latest twist in the SUV saga. First Kerry denied having one; then he said it was his wife's. Now he's saying he sold his gas hogs only to brag a month later about owning a "big Suburban."

In the new video, he's asked at a New Hampshire rally what he's done to reduce the dependency on oil. Says Kerry, "I sold my gas guzzler and got a van and downgraded, that's what I did personally, in my own life. Also got an economical car in Washington and so forth so that I was trying to live up to that standard."

But in the second video, shot a month later in Michigan, he lists his autos: "I own a Dodge 600 that I've had for about 20 years; I own a Chrysler 300M; we have a Chrysler van, a minivan; a Chrysler PT Cruiser (I guess Chrysler is making out here); a Suburban Chevy–big Suburban–and she has a Land Rover Defender."

View the New Hampshire video clip:


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Does kerry even hear himself talk or realize what he says? Or is he that much of an elitist he thinks Americans are just that stupid?