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Thread: Get ready for 14 year old voters?

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    Don't let the slimmy liberal media's photo fool you--this isn't about "respecting teens".

    The state senator pushing this bill has gone on record saying the U.S "STOLE" certain western states from Mexico and should return them to the power of Mexico.

    Pushing the right for young teens to vote has everything to do with capturing more votes from the children of illegal aliens, who can't vote themselves!

    Illegal alien adults make up a small percentage of the states eligible voters, while their children (many U.S born) make up a higher percentage.

    While the U.S is running around Iraq, a country which had almost nothing to do with 9-11 directly (15 hi-jackers were Saudi&#39;s), men like Vasconcellos are running around in the Halls of state senate&#39;s pushing sh*t like this, for some nafarious, anti-American agenda <_<

    [quote][b]California State Senator Vasconcellos, talking about his state accepting bogus, unsecure foreign ID cards in congressional session:

    [b]"Since we (U.S) stole it from them (Mexico), why is it unfair for them to steal it back from us?"[/b][/b][/quote]

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    I would give california to the Mexicans in a heartbeat.

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    how about this we give so cali to mexico after the colorado river dries up - they can have it, deficit and all.

    riggo the American west is so screwed water-wise, this whole voting/demographics/illegals problem could be a moot issue.

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    [b]JFT[/b], all the states out west are so beyond ruined, it&#39;s not even comical.

    Human made deficits and social problems, combined with the wrath of nature on these already WAAAAY overpopulated regions (remember, these major cities are in deserts), is created enormous problems.

    Problem is, due to some warped Orwellian form of political correctness, "we can&#39;t even talk about this", without being branded "racisits". :rolleyes:....Meanwhile, entire states and cities are sinking down the toilet (finacially and socially) faster than anyone can begin to imagine.

    [b]Bit[/b], you are right. Colorado, for example, is almost at a major crisis stage right now and folks like Jeb, George and the Democrat&#39;s don&#39;t even want to hear about population control to bail that state and others out&#33;&#33;

    I can&#39;t, however, even begin to believe any U.S political figure would propose allowing 14 year olds to vote.......

    I&#39;m stunned :blink:

    This as* munch claims "they pay- taxes"........He&#39;s gotta be out of his freakin&#39;, America hating mind..........With men like this weilding power in the U.S we need Iraq?

    Bit, the answer is the Federal gov&#39;t in the U.S must cut off ALL AID to the western states. Let them all go completely broke, even if it means plunging the whole U.S economy into a deeper problems.

    [b]By the way, I was asked about a month back about the FINANCIAL cost of this mess[/b].......Here&#39;s an article on the enourmous fiscal problems LA County alone faces: STAGGERING, when you consider it&#39;s just one county and this doen&#39;t even count education, welfare payments, ect:


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    Rigs, you might like this site:


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    Guys, relax..he is a STATE SENATOR....he really only controls his district..that&#39;s it. Its not like a US Senator or Pres. cabinet member saying something like that...PLUS...I can imagine that his constituency is like 80% mexican....SO you got to be for your constitutency...look at Sheldon Silver....that guy gets all good perks for his district....punk a&#036;&#036;....


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    why are liberals sleezy to you?

    the most conservative people in this country are sleezy...Your hero Dick Cheney is one of the most corrupt politicians we&#39;ve ever had.


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