its just that simple

John Kerry isn't a particularly great man in my opinion. He went to Yale... He went to Nam... He voted more liberally than Ted Kennedy ... He's in the Skull & Bones ... He's a Billionaire Washington Insider deep in the pockets of corporate and special interests - yes yes

however there's little in the world that scares me more than 4 years with Dubya not fearing an election.

the sad fact that's dawning on me is i don't hate John kerry cause he's a poor candidate

i hate Kerry cause the Democrats are stupid to run a man just like Dubya (except he's a worse public speaker and from MASS :blink: ) against Dubya and his team of nefarious jackals (Karl Rove is jackal #1)

John Kerry won't win. When the rubber meets the road he won't carry certain states - posters like outsider talk about how the new voting machines kept Bush in power while the rest of the forum just laughs... that's why i hate John Kerry. he's a loser and the democrats f--ked it up again, surprise surprise

the corporations are running this nation, but the political parties have had their brains rotted in the process.

corporations have all the rights of people

but pay no taxes and control the gov't :blink:

this isn't a democracy anymore folks.

the nation needs a real third party candidate like this man



someone to break up the oligarchys would be best case scenario - this s--t is getting out of control.

worst case it would be Nader, McCain or Clarke or anyone with a pulse who wasn't completly 100% sold out.

seriously i'd vote for Hulk Hogan. If Ventura can win MN why can't Hogan win the Presidency?

he's old enough and been in enough movies... plus he's got the perfect campaign song ;)

it wouldn't take much to be a damn sight better than these two worthless sacks of crap. The amount of personal likability in this election is unacceptably low.

Bush and Kerry are both shills ... forced to choose it's lesser of two evils...

John kerry the name sounds too much like Jim Kerry. John kerry the person sounds like a man talking out of his ass (or perhaps taking in his ass) and to top it all off he looks like Lurch from the adams family.

he's ridiculously liberal in voting... ridiculously liberal... you guys call me liberal but i was close to center when we took the test... Kerry would have been +8 or something crazy

the fact is

No one cares about John Kerry but they could put literally any name down there and i'd vote for it at this point - that's how out and out bad George Bush has done as President.

we aren't safer with George Bush - all he's doing is making the world more Angry - yeah we need the oil - but if you are gonna conquer a region of suicidal terrorists

maybe torture and recording humiliation isn't the best move... they already aren't scared of death... and there's alot of fissionable material that the former soviet republics aren't exactly watching closely.

things could get out of hand, fast and there's no star-wars space defense for a dirty bomb