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Thread: Forced Repatriation: 2 million Russians sent back

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    It's amazing to think that this really happened:


    These were [i]real[/i] people. This [i]really[/i] happened.

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    [quote][i]Originally posted by Jet Moses[/i]@May 11 2004, 10:28 PM
    [b] It's amazing to think that this really happened:


    These were [i]real[/i] people. This [i]really[/i] happened. [/b][/quote]
    Why do you think as WWII was coming to an end all the German soldiers were trying to get to allied occupied land?

    I believe upwards of 3-millions German "soldiers" were marched to Moscow at war's end and less than half made it.

    As the Russians made their way towards Berlin the German citizens were advised to throw themselves into the river to drown, along with their children, rather than be caught by the Ruskies.

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    See how efficient it still is,
    how it keeps itself in shape--
    our century's hatred.
    How easily it vaults the tallest obstacles,
    How rapidly it pounces, tracks us down.

    It's not like other feelings.
    At once both older and younger.
    It gives birth itself to the reasons
    that give it life.
    When it sleeps, it's never eternal rest.
    And sleeplessness won't sap its strength; it feeds it.

    One religion or another--
    whatever gets it ready, in position.
    One fatherland or another--
    whatever helps it get a running start.
    Justice also works well at the outset
    until hate gets its own momentum going.
    Hatred. Hatred.
    Its face twisted in a grimace
    of erotic ecstasy.

    Oh these other feelings,
    listless weaklings.
    Since when does brotherhood
    draw crowds?
    Has compassion
    ever finished first?
    Does doubt ever really rouse the rabble?
    Only hatred has just what it takes.

    Gifted, diligent, hardworking.
    Need we mention all the songs it has composed?
    All the pages it has added to our history books?
    All the human carpets it has spread
    over countless city squares and football fields?

    Let's face it:
    it knows how to make beauty.
    The splendid fire-glow in midnight skies.
    Magnificent bursting bombs in rosy dawns.
    You can't deny the inspiring pathos of ruins
    and a certain bawdy humor to be found
    in the sturdy column jutting from their midst.

    Hatred is a matter of contrast--
    between explosions and dead quiet,
    red blood and white snow.
    Above all, it never tires
    of its leitmotif--the impeccable executioner
    towering over its soiled victim.

    It's always ready for new challenges.
    If it has to wait awhile, it will.
    They say it's blind. Blind?
    It has a sniper's keen sight
    and gazes unflinchingly at the future
    as only it can.

    -Wislawa Szymborska

    [i]"One dead is a tragedy; a million dead is a statistic."[/i] - Uncle Joe




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