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Thread: The thwarted terrorist attack in Jordan

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    I don't think many of you really grasp just what we are up against. The Islamist Fascists know what our achilles heel is, and they have masterfully exploited it.

    It's our will.

    We are weak.

    We are sissies. We don't want to [i]lose our humanity[/i] and become [i]like them[/i].

    They were thwarted in Jordan, [b]THIS TIME[/b]. But it's inevitable-

    They will be successful. Maybe not today, maybe not tommorow. But sooner or later, they will be successful. Will it be Amman? New York? Maybe some random, small town in the heartland?


    [b]Officials said they had arrested the suspects in two raids in late March and early April. Last week, officials said four other terror suspects believed linked to the same conspiracy were killed in a shootout with police in Amman.

    Government officials have said the suspects plotted to detonate a powerful bomb targeting Jordan's secret service and use poison gas against the prime minister's office, the U.S. Embassy and other diplomatic missions.

    A commentator on the tape, said that al-Zarqawi "is the terrorist" who plotted this operation.

    "At least 80,000 people would have been killed," the commentator said.

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    i'm hoping that somehow NYC is more secure..but I ride the subway in from Brooklyn (al qeadaville) evryday..and everyday I am nervous on that subway..

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    Alquadea has made it obvious that they are going to attack a major transportation system in America. Hence all of the recent train bombings and derailments. This is a similar pattern to hijacking planes for much of the last decade and the indication of things to come was when one of those ****s hijacked a plane and tried to fly it into the Eiffel Towers. They are gearing up for an attack. It makes sense. The question is when are the politicians going to pull their head out of their ass and do something about it. Don't kid yourself but Iraq has no information regarding the next attack and waging a war over there has been a waste of our tax dollars. Unless you are a member of the Bush/Saudi inner circle.

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    i completely agree with you...
    spending 100 billion dollars and using 150,000 troops to occupy and invade a soverign country has done NOTHING to stop qaeda (aka real enemy)..all that oil war has done has swelled the ranks of qeda and it's allies..

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    Bottom line is that the West has its work cut out for it in thwarting terrorism. Can it be done? Not 100% ... but for the most part, yes. The cost though will be great in terms of $, manpower and life itself.

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    You know, you would think that invading a country Like Iraq would have at least lowered the price of gas...but it has done the reverse. I cant believe i am paying 2.07 a gallon for REGULAR gas...

    I am so pissed. What the hell is going on? Our friends the Saudis have done Jack sh*t.


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    I understand the enormity of this, but I just don't know if we are going about it the right way.

    First of all, you can't have a secure United States, when anyone can just walk into the country and stay here indefinitely, with impugnity!

    Those 19 Hi-Jackers didn't just appear out of nowhere. They stayed in the U.S illegally for years and years, mixing with Americans, just waiting for the chance to strike.

    [b]Yesterday someone on this board blamed the 1993 WTC attack on Bill Clinton!![/b]

    Now, I hate Bill Clinton as a political figure, flat out. However, anyone here ever hear of former Republican congressman [b]Dan Lundgren[/b] from California?

    Lundgren, in an attempt to pacify large farm owners and ethnic lobbyists, pushed the Reagan Administion very hard to grant BLANKET AMNESTY to millions of west coast farmers who entered and stayed in the U.S illegally. This happened in 1986.

    So what, right? Wrong, the [b]MASTERMIND[/b] of the 1993 WTC attack, posing as an indigent farm worker from south of the border, was [b]granted outright U.S Citenzenship (no questions asked)[/b]. With that, he got very comfortable and went straight to work planning major attacks.

    Remember, the 1993 WTC attack wasn't supposed just blowup the WTC's parking garage, it was meant to raze the whole thing (which happen on 9-11 to both towers).


    I'm with [b]Outsider[/b] and the others: We can waste billions and billions in the ME knocking down every building, school and house, looking for terrorists, but as long as we allow millions and millions of folks to come into the U.S unfettered, we will never even begin to control the problem.

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    that's not true..the mastermind was a pakistani..the cousin of Al qeada's #3 guy! Read the book the CEll....
    It is a great read that gives the history of al qaead and al qeada in america...
    it also show the complete failure of our intelligence and law enforcement from 1991-2003 in dealing with al qeada..
    not only could 9/11 been stopped but so could the 93 bombing...


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