[quote][i]Originally posted by joiseyjet[/i]@May 16 2004, 09:17 AM
[b] our #2 guy should have some starting reg. season expierence and i`m not talikng about 1 or 2 snaps when the starter gets knocked out for 1 or 2 plays either ,we need a guy who`s started and compleated at least 1 season somewhere maybe couch....... [/b][/quote]
couch? are you insane? You'd still have to pay him a lot because he was a part time starter, and even though he's a bust, he was the #1 pick not too long ago. You can't pay him the peanuts you're paying ray and bollinger. all indications ray will be a decent backup. hell, looking at what happened with jeff garcia, he might be starter material down the line. but you wanna give couch a contract? give me a break. besides, he'll probably end up in green bay or possibly even san fran with rattay on the shelf for a while. Lets see what Ray has first, then there are plenty of capable backups like shane matthews, jeff blake, etc. available