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    [color=green][b]Man, You beat me to it today&#33;[/b][/color] <_< :rolleyes: :D

    [quote][i]Originally posted by NY DAILY NEWS[/i]@05/17/04 8:00AM

    [SIZE=3][b]N.Y. Olympic bid faces key hurdle [/b][/SIZE]


    A decision with potentially huge implications for New York will be made tomorrow in far-away Lausanne, Switzerland - a city with fewer people than most Manhattan zip codes.
    That&#39;s where the International Olympic Committee will announce which of nine cities will reach the short list to host the 2012 Olympics.

    The stakes could not be higher for Mayor Bloomberg, who is counting on the city&#39;s Olympic bid to help spur everything from the development of Manhattan&#39;s far West Side to new affordable housing in Queens to the city&#39;s tourism trade.

    "Make no mistake about it," said Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff, who will be in Lausanne when the finalists are announced. "The competition is intense."

    New York is up against eight other cities: Havana, Istanbul, Leipzig, London, Madrid, Moscow, Paris and Rio de Janeiro.

    While the IOC has not said how many cities will be cut, veteran Olympic watchers believe three or four will be eliminated this week. The final winner will not be named until July 2005.

    Most experts also believe the likelihood of New York&#39;s surviving this round is strong.

    "Their chances of reaching the short list are pretty much rock solid," said Rob Livingstone, the producer of, an Internet site that tracks Olympic bids.

    "The United States generates so much revenue for the IOC, they wouldn&#39;t want to insult the U.S. by kicking off the only American city so early," he added. "And it is a good bid."

    A win would be a big boost for Bloomberg, who is still battling to convince voters that a new stadium on the far West Side - paid for in part by &#036;300 million in city funds - would bring further development in the area.

    The Olympics also would spur the construction of a 4,400-unit athletes&#39; village in Long Island City, Queens - providing affordable housing after the games - and revitalize athletic centers and transportation hubs across the region, the mayor argues.
    Officially, Bloomberg says the stadium is for the Jets - and should be built regardless of any Olympic offer. But it&#39;s hard to underestimate the political pull of an Olympic role for the 70,000-seat arena.[/b][/color]

    "The stadium is so tied to the Olympics, it will be a lot more difficult to justify the public expenditure simply for a Jets stadium," said Jonathan Bowles, research director at the Center for an Urban Future.

    [color=green][b]The Daily News Also did a poll on weither or not NYC wants an Olympics.
    It&#39;s loosing 73% NO to 27% YES.

    And when did we lose 5,000 seats?[/b][/color]


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