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Thread: Surf Casting For Stripers

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    Jun 2003
    Been going all over the south shore of Long Island for "the spot".
    I've gotten skunked pretty regularly.
    Any good spots you wouldn't mind giving up??

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    Apr 2003
    Island Beach State Park in NJ. You can actually drive your truck onto the beach and camp overnight. They do have some required items you must bring, and they have a no alcohol rule though it is easy to get around. They require someone to be awake and actively fishing at all times as well so bring a buddy or 2.

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    theres really no magic spots out there,I like to make some calls before heading to a certain place to get a report on what the patterns been {TIDE} is crucial,some places are better on dropping water,some are the opposite.{the North side of Montauk pt. dropping water is best,the south side {Browns} is better during the incoming !!!}
    and if you can be on a decent rock in Browns in september as the suns just coming up and the water is clear.....look out !!
    Also,dawn and dusk....will be the best times to fish when the weather gets hot.
    At low tide I like to find irregular beach structure,sandbars,and then cuts in the sandbars !!!!that's where things will be likely to produce in an open stretch of beach.And that sand structure should remain in tact unless a storm comes through.

    look for bait, diving birds the structure be it a deep dropoff near the waters edge,a jetty !!,

    with that said,I like fishing demo {democrat point},jones inlet,Montauk {south side}.Hampton's {east of the inlet "Mecox"}

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    May 2003
    I fish the backside of DEMO. Last hour of incoming, slack, through the beginning of the outgoing. Beginning of out going usually is best. Nightime only.

    If the wind is blowing south to north...this is where I'll be. If the wind is blowing north to south I'll hit SORE THUMB or drive further west to CEDAR and fish in front of the pavilion.

    Be careful on backside of DEMO on the rocks. If you're by yourself, things can go south quickly if your not careful.



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