Audoi books are OK for driving or whatever, but thats about it for me. Theres NOTHING like reading a good book and become so immersed its like you're there....I actually on occasion can't differentiate between books I've read and movies I've seen. SOme authors can just "put you there", you know?

Reading the "Iliad" again (saw Troy, figured I would read it again, see the differences) and Homers descriptions of the battles and single combat are what set the standard STILL.

As for authors, Grisham has "Ludlum Syndrome" to me, his books are all the same...

DeMille is GREAT, loved "By the Rivers of Babylon", and "Charm School" is still an all~time fave, but its not "deep", just good fun reads.

I can't say I have a favorite writer, though. I'll read anything...compulsive.

P.S., is it me or has Steven King been living on Rep and Die~Hards for a Loooong time?