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Thread: Mean Bro Green

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    I cant really say anything, since I dont even know how to leave a sig or avatar, but I'll say it anyway....

    There'a something about that sig, meanbro.....I am on this site all day, usually mon-fri and no one really notices. That sig is catching EVERYONES eye as they walk by...they all think I'm a freak...I'm taking all types of abuse.....jeez it's getting much longer do you plan on having that sig up?

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    I'm bumping this only because I'm STILL taking all types of abuse and someone mentioned it on another thread.

    I guess because of the movement and color, this signature catches everyones eye. They're calling me "tranny lover", "Eddie Murphy" and worse.

    Dump the sig, mean bro! :lol:

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    shade, there is another thread requesting the change as well. mean bro promises to bring vida back!!!!!

    when your coworkers see VIDA on your screen that will diminish any doubts of your sexual orientation


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