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    Ok here we have it...The Klecko Bowl!

    Vinny v. Jared

    Both #1 seeds make it.

    Jared is available after seven on Friday and after 9:30 pm on Saturday.


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    Vinny has informed me that he will be away till Monday...So the Klecko bowl will take place after Monday. To everyone, have a happy and safe Memorial Day Weekend.


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    I can probably get this game done tonight if Jared will be on late tonight. I will IM Jared and see.

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    Originally posted by Vinny025@Jun 1 2004, 12:23 PM
    I can probably get this game done tonight if Jared will be on late tonight. I will IM Jared and see.
    Cool...the sooner we crown the Champion the sooner we can begin the next league.

    By the way, I am working on the player seedings so as to distribute the teams in a worst to first draft.


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    Vinny, I was out with the family last night. How about tonight (wednesday) at 8 or 9?

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    I can start out game from 4pm-6:30pm EST, but I cant start a game later than that today. Maybe Tomorrow afternoon or evening around the same time?

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    Tonight at 6 is ok.

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    ok, 6pm it is. My name on Madden is ::


    What is yours?

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    Alrighty the game is on now...I have no idea of what the score is..but the BOWL IS ON!


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    28-23 Vinny

    I wish I coulda had a couple of my first half plays back, both offensive and defensive. My defense stepped up a bit in the 2nd half, but it was too little too late. Next time I won't give Vinny the early lead.

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    Now on to the next league!


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    Yeah, I made 2 mistakes in the first half too. That pick in the endzone should have been a TD and that 4th and 2 I didnt convert. Not to mention you threw the ball into my cb's hands like 3 times and they didnt catch it. But definatly a good Maddenbowl, very challenging. I chose the Cowboys cause I didnt want to use Moss in the game since most people think he is unstopable. Notice I used my running game towards the end from the passing formation. That was the deciding factor.

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    Yeah, when there was like 3-4 minutes left it dawned on me that you were milking the clock. I still had like 40 seconds left to try SOMETHING to score, but alas it was not meant to be. It was definately a good game, but watch out. I always improve my 2nd time around.

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    I cant wait for that rematch, i'm sure it will be a good one.

    I wasent going to milk the clock until I passed the 50 yard line with less than 4 minuts to go, then I had to do it. That trips left play I do is almost fool proof. Its used in herm edwards playbook, I learned it using the jets with Penningtons accuracy when the game first came out that play was money. Either the RB, TE or WR closest to me will almost always be open and if you cover everyone then I take off with a Qb with some speed. Its a very hard play to stop. Your WR's were getting killed by Roy WIlliams and they were dropping the ball alot. It was kind of funny how you would roll out alot with Brady, I didnt expect that. Oh yeah and Ty Law is amazing in that game.

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    Unless someone has bricks in their shoes, I roll out with everyone! It generally creates better passing lanes, depending on the play. Unfortunately it is a LOT easier to pull off when playing offline, simply because the reaction time online to get rid of the ball sometimes turns what should be split second escapes into sacks.

    All told it was a fun game. Also I liked a couple things you did on defense which I am officially stealing.

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    lol, like what?

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    You had one nickel D which was messing up one of my favorite routes.

    Nickel D, shift line left side of screen, shift LB right. Not sure what exactly the coverage was, but I noticed your RE dropping back and mucking up Branch's inside slant. (unless I'm getting the DL and LB confused on the shifts, which is possible) Basically ended up with a 5 man line, and whoever was on the offensive left was mucking up my quick ins. Poopie head.

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    Yup, one of my DT's dropes back into coverage. You can thank Bitonti for that one. I had to figure out a way to stop his quick throws to Todd Heap!! That play usually gets me picks all the time but you just rolled out right and waited wich is the way to beat that coverage. Another play out of the nickel that workes well is Over Strong and Over Weak. I love nickel and Quaters coverage, I usually dont use any other type of coverage.

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    By the way Vinny, would you be free this off-season to drive over to the Steelers Training Camp in Latrobe, PA and teach Bill Cowher how to win Championships ??


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