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Thread: Nets Shopping Kittles

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    Rumor has it the Nets are shopping Kerry kittles and aron williams to the trailblazers for Shareif Abdur Rahem

    Would be a good trade for us....kittles has given the Nets all hae can...time to bring in the fresh meat.

    I suspect with Byron Scott attempting to make the hornets the nets ,both teams will be very active this off season.

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    I don't know how good a trade that would be. Shareef has always been a damn good player, and he was for Atlanta last season, but after he got to Portland, he was horrible. I don't know if that was an abberation or if he's went into Shawn Kemp mode where a trade completely drains him of all his talent. I think a return to the East could do him some good. There's no question he won't be back in Portland. If I'm the Blazers, I definitely do this deal. As for the Nets, I don't really know.

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    Abdur Rahim has alot of Glenn Robinson in him. I'd much prefer the rumored Ray Allen deal. Even though he's not the slasher/penetrator that the Nets need, he's still 100 times better than Kerry Kittles.

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    Rahim, until he came to Portland, was a guy you could count on for 20 and 8 every game. He would be a super replacement for Martin if he ever leaves (which I doubt he will in any case).


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