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Thread: OT: new Guns N' Roses album

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    Apr 2003
    Just listened to it... that would have been awesome with Axl and his old voice. Musically fantastic, but the vocals do leave a lot to be desired.

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    Apr 2003
    Just listened to straight sucks. If axl was on there it would have been alot better though.

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    The Chinese will have Democracy before Chinese Democracy comes out.

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    I came to the "everything else" forum to ask if anybody saw GNR behind the music on VH1 yesterday (4 Jul) and heard the part where they said the album is due out in Nov of 04. But this is Axl, so a cancellation would be no surprise (kind of like cancelling the show in Philly I was at)

    HOWEVER....if and when this album comes out I have no doubt that it will be unreal. Anyone who has heard "The Blues" and "Madagascar" off the new album, in full, Axl not running out of breath will agree. I saw GNR in Boston, and NYC prior to the Philly cancellation and had a blast at both shows. Yes I wish all the original members were still together but the bottom line is that they are not but the old stuff still sounded great to me and the two new songs they did were great.

    Axl is definitely a selfish, ungrateful a**hole but I can't get enough of the music.

    I know he's had countless people helping him on this album and some feel it's taking so long because he's trying to do the impossible. He's trying to make a "perfect" album.

    In the meantime I'll continue listening to Velvet Revolver.

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    The Behind the Music is on tonight at 10PM Eastern. I'll be watching. Should be very interesting.


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