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Thread: Hall of Fame

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    10-4, Rigs. But you know, I think I'd play as long as I could too if I could skate as well as that SOB! Man, that'd be a friggin' blast! And get payed for it??

    As enigmatic as he was/is I'm over it. He was great with fans at that big outdoor game in Edmonton this year. Of course the media was all gaga over him. Friggin' ass-kissing media...they're so goddamned lame. Nice call on the PC may be from Conn., but you know your hockey!

    And hey, CFL season kicks off tonight here in Toronto. I can't get myself to dump the Eskimos as my team but I think I have to adopt Toronto as my B team. Rashaan Salaam and John Avery in the backfield for Toronto. Pretty scary thought up here although Salaami's been out of camp for "personal" reasons. Some things never change.

    Anyway, game's on TSN if you're near a dish. I'm gonna try a scoop a ticket from a scalper...watching football alone, something's not right. :ph34r:

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    Hey CanadaJet since the Jets signed Ricky Ray what is your opinion of him after seeing him play for Edmonton. Who is Edmonton going to replace him with?

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    Originally posted by faba@Jun 15 2004, 05:05 PM
    Hey CanadaJet since the Jets signed Ricky Ray what is your opinion of him after seeing him play for Edmonton. Who is Edmonton going to replace him with?
    Ray is one cool cucumber. Unreal under the gun. Never shows emotion, leads by example. And he's remarkably tough for 6'3, 215lbs. Deceptive speed, very athletic. Amazingly accurate, but I wonder about his arm strength sometimes. Then again, the field is so damned big up here evryone looks like that. He took some big shots and he just gets up, same blank look on his face. B)

    The Eskimos are replacing him with the guy Ray replaced. Jason Maas, played at Oregon behind Akili Smith (makes you kinda wonder why, hey?). He&#39;s a solid QB but had back surgery which never seems good for a quaterback. <_<

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    CJ, if this was pre-1997 (when the Whalers moved), my hockey knowledge would be insane. I loved the NHL much, much more than MLB and the NFL combined.......In the unsuing season&#39;s it&#39;s waned quite a bit. During the recent finals I got back into it. Before every draft, my facination picks up markedly.

    I guess Bettman just doesn&#39;t quite understand the rabid nature of the true hockey in real hockey areas of the U.S and Canada, he just sees TV markets


    CFL?? Edmonton&#39;s one of the coolest teams in the CFL. While other teams are out there playing runningbacks at QB, Edmonton&#39;s always seeked great athletes that can also throw the ball bit (Moon to Ray). Ricky Ray should do well in the NFL, but he needs time and, more important, he needs a fair chance. That 2nd part may be hard to come by, perhaps.


    How about Ottawa? They&#39;ve got 2 of my favorite CFL players: Pat Woodcock (who&#39;s 100 percent NFL caliber) and Josh Ranek (few inches taller, he&#39;d be a faster Alstott).......

    Imagine if Ottawa had a big time QB?

    How about if Jesse "The Bachelor" Palmer game tails off? He&#39;s from Ottawa and the CFL has been seeking a true Canadian QB hero for a long, long time.

    One note about the CFL to any American fans: Considering about half the CFL rosters have to be Canadian and the league has smaller rosters to begin with, only about 20 Americans make CFL teams.......That means, many of these players are much better than NFL fans would;re average NFL fan would be shocked at some the recent CFL picks (former high NFL picks, ect.).

    Thanks CJ and I&#39;ll be checking out the CFL site soon.

    P.S: Renagades RB Sean Bennett is the SON of former Jets Insider regular poster--Ted in Evansville......Ted stopped posting the day Sean was cut by the Jets.

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    Always a wealth of knowledge, Rigs.

    But only about a third of CFL rosters are canadian. It does compromise a team when a canadian gets injured because they usually have to replace him with an "import" because there just aren&#39;t enough quality canadian football players around.

    Ranek is the real deal. He&#39;s so small but he bowls defenses over. Remember Kerry Joseph when he was starting FS with the Seahawks? Starting QB with Ottawa...he&#39;s a great athlete.

    I think Palmer will end up in this year or maybe the year after. But considering he gets more air time off the field then on, perhaps he&#39;s due for early retirement and the TV circuit?

    The Esks have always drafted the best athlete available to them in the draft. The don&#39;t make any bones about it either. If they&#39;re loaded at quarterback but the best athlete available is a quarterback, they go get him. It seems to work, they&#39;ve made the playoffs for 32 consecutive years...a professional sports record.


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