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    Which playbooks do you use? Do you just use the one of the team you are playing as, or do you use the same playbook regardless?

    Personally, I use the patriots playbook, just because its the one I know the best, and I'm used to using it.

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    i use Denver's

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    I use the Patriots. When I first bought the game I never bothered switching and it got to the point where I knew it like the back of my hand. I'm sure there are better ones out there but I wouldn't be effective with them.

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    Redskins or the Bengals....

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    you can play with other teams playbooks?! I better go check this out :blink:

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    I love The Jets playbook. I use it when I use The Ravens.

    In Franchise Modes, I like to make my own playbook. I tend to use the balanced Defense playbook on defense, I like to mix things up.

    The Jets playbook is awesome if you know how to use it. It's got alot of good base plays and alot of great spread formations.

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    I use Herm Edwards/Cover 2. I have never tried a different one, so I honestly dont know if another playbook would work better for me. Maybe one day I will try a different one.

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    ive been using West Coast or Run Balanced and Cover 2 D


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