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    who all in this league has one and uses it while playin football....

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    I have one and used it the one time I played online against GOB. :lol:

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    I have mine and I love it. Usually however, people just hear me talking s**t about my own team.

    "If you give up another ****ing TD you are CUT, Law!"

    "Can someone PLEASE learn how to run block."

    "Friggin TACKLE SOMEONE!"

    etc, etc...

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    afraid mine broke, so i will have to type any messages. Sorry about that, I know how much it sucks!!! I should get a new one by the first week of july.

    I totally feel you on the "yelling at my own team", jared. Someone usually gets fired during my games (i.e. defensive and offensive coordinator)

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    I have one but havent used it in madden...yet..



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