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Thread: T-Mac

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    bein that they play in the east i could see about 40 wins and possibly makin the playoffs....

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    I wonder how Dwight Howard will fit with the Franchise in Orlando... it could bring the team up... Also, T-Mac won't be exhausted after every game, since he wont have to do all the work in Houston..

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    Originally posted by The Troll@Jun 21 2004, 09:38 PM
    I'd give up Francis or Mobley for T-Mac, but not both of them. That's just too much.
    Maybe the Houston fornt office is sick of watching Cuttino Mobley and "The Franchise" throw up about 40 bricks each night while Yao takes about a fraction of that! For better or worse, Yao is the guy everyone wants to see.

    Not that T-Mac is that great of a teammate...especially considering the way he unceremoniously demanded out of Orlando


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