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Thread: proposal for disconnects

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    Hey all, I had some router troubles today (will be getting a new one). I would like to propose an option for gamers to resume the game with scores at time of disconnect and play whatever time was left.

    IE: game lost near end of first quarter with 14-0 score. When game is restarted use score of 14-0 to start and then play 3 quarters. thoughts?

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    sounds good to me -

    atleast this will alleviate any "purposley" disconnected games..

    there are some draw backs . ie if you knock opponents QB or start Rb - if game is restarted then they are both available again...

    Time outs will be refreshed etc...

    but what ever you guys decide i am for -i just want to play

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    Rule for disconnects:

    1) You continue with the same score and at the same place in the game (if you are more than halfway through a qtr then that qtr is not included in the make up game.

    2) if you disconnect at the end of the game on purpose two will be taken out of the league. NO BS!



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